My name is Jenna Gygi and I was born in Switzerland.

I've been passionate about all kinds of flying for many years now. 

I immediately fell in love with skydiving at the age of 22, especially after I discovered wingsuit flying a year later during my very first flight. So I decided to work hard on my skills to become better and better but I am, and always will be very picky about my own flying. Never stop learning, that is what drives me to keep going.

Meanwhile I am a wingsuit pilot and coach with 8 years of experience,

which includes more than 800 hours in the wingsuit tunnel and more than 2500 wingsuit jumps.  I coach, organise or just participate at wingsuit camps and competitions all over the world. Next to that my team and I are busy with wingsuit stunt displays or shooting commercial projects. As a freelancer I am coaching with my team 'FlyLikeBrick' in the worlds 1st Indoor Wingsuit Tunnel in Stockholm, Sweden.

Hit me up for flying either at Indoor Wingsuit or at the Dropzone. 

Hope to see you soon!

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