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My name is Jenna Gygi and I was born in Bern, Switzerland.

I've been passionate about all kinds of flying for many years now. 

I immediately fell in love with skydiving at the age of 22, especially after I discovered wingsuit flying a year later during my very first flight. So I decided to work hard on my skills to become better and better but I am, and always will be very picky about my own flying. Never stop learning, that is what drives me to keep going.

Meanwhile I am a wingsuit world champion, pilot and coach with 11 years of experience,

which includes more than 900 hours in the wingsuit tunnel and over 3500 wingsuit jumps. I coach, organize events or participate at international wingsuit competitions.

Next to that I am showcasing wingsuit stunt displays or shooting commercial projects for my sponsors. As a freelancer I am coaching in the wingsuit windtunnel and at any dropzone worldwide.

Hit me up if you're interested in wingsuit flying :)

Hope to see you soon!

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